Wednesday, July 31, 2019


A few years ago, my life fell apart. My marriage fell apart and I lost who I was as a person. I had discovered I didn't even know who I was anymore! That realization scared me to my core. Now, six years later I am finally finding myself and learning who I am. By discovering who I am, I have discovered that I am a complex person who believes in two fundamental beliefs. Yes, there is a God, but more importantly, there is also a goddess. These two beliefs do not cancel each other out. I pray to both and both hold a larger meaning in my life. I realize that for some this is a hard pill to swallow, but by praying to both and trying to follow the core beliefs of both my life has become a more rich and rewarding life. It has also helped me with my anxiety and depression and gain back the strength so I can be a better mother and friend.

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